Reviews of the book

"A book that ought to be read by every participant in the UN Internet Governance Forum. Malcolm provides an exhaustive exploration of the great potential -- and the obstacles and dead ends -- faced by multi-stakeholder policy making around the Internet."

— Milton Mueller, Syracuse University School Of Information Studies and XS4All Professor, Delft University of Technology

"Internet governance, once a distant abstraction, increasingly touches everyone, even those seemingly remote from the Net. Jeremy Malcolm's in-depth analysis of its recent evolution and the role of the IGF, a key player in this rapidly developing field, is a timely contribution and a useful reference for scholars, practitioners and policymakers alike."

— David Vaile, Executive Director, Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre, University of New South Wales

"I have long looked for an overview of the forms of governance of the open source projects, here we finally have it!! Jeremy Malcolm has written a remarkably researched book about the history, present and future of internet governance."

— Michel Bauwens, P2P Foundation

For a rich intro to Internet governance, read @qirtaiba's masterly 600-pg book on #multistakeholderism & #IGF

@pranesh_prakash, Centre for Internet and Society, Bangalore