Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What editions have been released?

A: There is a first paperback edition and a first online edition. Except for the copyright page, the text of each is identical. There are three printings of the first paperback edition; one mainly for Australia, one mainly for the UK and Europe, and one mainly for the USA. Although otherwise identical, the Australian printing is on A5 stock and the other printings on half-letter stock. You can tell what printing you have by examining the printer's notice on the copyright page which ends in "1" for Australian, "2" for UK and Europe and "3" for USA.

Q: Will the book be updated?

A: This depends upon demand. In any case, the author's blog will keep the book up to date, and a current erratum will be maintained below:

PageExisting textSubstitute
xvi(none)auDA .au Domain Administration Limited
xviiiFair Trade AgreementFree Trade Agreement
420Carlos AlfonsoCarlos Afonso

Q: Is there a discount for students?

A: Yes, contact us for a discount code.