About Terminus Press

Terminus Press, an imprint of Malcolm Media, is a small press which specialises in the design and publication of short runs of academic and technical texts. Our service is characterised by:

  • Quality over quantity. We are very selective in the manucripts we consider for publication. Books in these fields will currently be considered:
    • Law
    • Internet governance
    • International relations
    • Computing and information systems
    • Internet and society
  • Author autonomy. We do not publish for a mass market and will not require manuscripts to be "dumbed down" for a general readership.
  • Fastidious attention to typesetting. Some short-run publishers accept ugly Microsoft Word manuscripts as camera-ready copy. In contrast all our manuscripts are typeset in TeX, ensuring the highest professional quality.
  • Wide distribution. Our books are not merely sold online but are available to libraries and booksellers worldwide through normal wholesale channels.
  • Flexible royalty model. Depending on the author's needs, we will consider:
    • Commercial publishing, in which the publisher bears the full expense of printing, distributing and marketing the book, and pays a royalty on sales to the author. This option is reserved to exceptional manuscripts of considerable importance, refereed by independent experts in the field.
    • Subsidy publishing (co-publishing). Because our books are targeted to niche markets, our normal model for publication is that of a subsidy publisher, in which both author and publisher share in the investment and the returns of publication, and the author plays a part in marketing the book.
    • Self-publishing assistance. Whilst we will not accept manuscripts for vanity publication (ie. without exercising editorial control), some authors prefer to pay up-front for typesetting, ISBN and CiP registration, printing, distribution and marketing, in exchange for receiving all revenue from sales.