Wedding Stationery

Please contact us to make an appointment to view our samples and discuss your requirements.

Film Production

Jeremy and Dominica have both worked on short films separately and together. If you would like to see a sample of our work all on one DVD, please contact us for more information. See below for the titles of short films we have directed.

In addition to these short films, Dominica has filmed events such as the 2005 reconciliation walk for Trevor Walley for archive purposes, stage plays for local theatre groups and comedy sets for comedians such as Novak'n Goode (Australia), Mike Sheer (Canada) and Kristian Reimer (Canada).

Web Design and Programming

Prior to starting Malcolm Media, both Dominica and Jeremy had designed Web sites for various clients. The following table lists just a sample of their client base and previous Web experience.
Please note that Dominica was previously employed with Reynolds Technology. As such, some of the sites listed below were developed or co-developed by Dominica for Reynolds.
Some Web sites may no longer be online, or may have been further developed by other parties.

Business Web Sites
Scarboro Toyota Westralian Apartments Far and Wide Camper Trailer Hire
Footprints on my Heart Whole World Botanicals Macdonald Rudder
New Millennium Resources NL No Bank Homes Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia
Terminus Press Terminus Network Services
Association and Organisation Web Sites
Rocky LETS Arena Arts and Entertainment Australian Mensa
Francis Burt Law Education Centre EASY Learning Centre Institute of Engineers Australia (Queensland)
Law Society of Western Australia Legal Practice Board of WA Linux Consultants
Family Law Practitioners Association of WA Consumers in the Digital Age Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus
Best Bits TPP Legislators for Transparency Trans-Pacific Partnership debate
Personal Web Sites
ComedyDownUnder.com The 3 Canadians Corless/Malcolm Wedding
Do Corporations Have Rights? Geoff Hancy's home page Ibn Qirtaiba
Internet Governance thesis Jeremy Malcolm's home page Trevor Cullen's home page
Corinne Grant The Secret Life of Us Ronald Bradley's home page
IGF Watch Jeremy and Dominica Malcolm
Archived Web Sites*
Acacia Get-away^ APANA - Akira Member Access Site Bible Overview
Enzymatics Ltd Proctors Administration Rageflower
SF Zines Webring WA Society for Computers and the Law IGF Community Site
TPP 16th round parody website Jeremy Malcolm Barrister & Solicitor

*Archived Web Sites are archived on archive.org and may not be in their complete, original state.
^Web site was not archived on archive.org and is no longer online.


See the Terminus Press Web site.