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Malcolm Media

"So, why should I choose Malcolm Media over some other business?"

Malcolm Media strive to produce products and provide quality services that we would use ourselves. We are enthusiasts for the technology and the creative process, and we believe it shows in what we produce. It is also imperative to make sure our clients are satisfied, and that they receive good value for money.

You'll find that Malcolm Media is at the forefront of our field, using up-to-date technologies, whilst also retaining compatibility with earlier editions of both software and hardware.

If you're looking for a videographer, one reason you might choose Malcolm Media is that we can film and edit your project in High Definition using our Sony HDR-FX1E and Final Cut Studio software. Whilst the war between Blue-Ray and HD DVD continues and both Blue-Ray and HD DVD players have yet to reach the consumer market, we are only able to provide clients with MiniDV tapes in HD format, or Data DVDs with the raw HD video to be played on a computer. As soon as either Blue-Ray or HD DVD reaches the consumer market, we intend to be able to convert these other formats for those who wish us to.

If it is Web work you are after, you can't go past two people who have been using the Internet for more than ten years (and no, that's not a combined figure).

Dominica Malcolm (formerly Corless)

BSc (Internet Computing), GradDipMedProd

In 2005, Dominica Malcolm undertook a Graduate Diploma in Media Production, shooting the short film Journey under the supervision of director Melanie Rodriga (Teesh and Trude). She also studied under casting director Annie Murtagh-Monks as part of PAC Screenworkshops in 2005-2007 where she was able to film other short films and scenes.

Having developed an interest in designing Web sites with HTML in high school, Dominica decided to study Internet Computing at Murdoch University, which helped develop her interest in designing databases and progressed her specialty of Web programming using PHP. Although Dominica specialises in PHP and MySQL, she is also versed in Perl, C, XML, Java, MS Access, PostgreSQL and Oracle, among others.

Although Dominica originally learned most everything she knows about computers on Windows machines, she since opted to find herself an iMac to further develop her video editing skills. She is able to develop Web sites on Mac and Linux, which should also ensure working capabilities with Windows systems.

In editing digital film, Dominica prefers to use Final Cut Pro, though also has Adobe Premiere Pro installed on her laptop.

(Download Dominica's Résumé)
(Visit Dominica's Website portfolio, pre-Malcolm Media)

Jeremy Malcolm

LLB (Hons), BCom

Jeremy Malcolm completed his Law degree in 1994, working as a lawyer for Macdonald Rudder until 2000 when he decided to start his own law practice, where he was able to specialise in IT Law. In 1998, Jeremy also started Terminus Network Services, offering IT consultancy and specialising in open source software.

With both of Jeremy's businesses succeeding, 2005 saw Jeremy decide to combine these interests of IT and Law by studying a Masters of Law, researching the topic of Internet Governance. He later switched his Masters to a PhD and has recently completed the remains of his thesis, which you can view online entitled Multi-Stakeholder Public Policy Governance and its Application to the Internet Governance Forum. Jeremy has since handed over Terminus and iLaw to other owners so as to concentrate more on his thesis, though is able to take part-time hours away to focus on Malcolm Media related work.

Jeremy is also on the board of the Internet Society of Australia (ISOC-AU).

From an early age, Jeremy has also been an avid actor, one claim to fame being that he appeared in a Jet Li film during his year in China. After meeting Dominica, Jeremy became interested in a more hands-on approach to filmmaking, writing and directing the short film Therapy for the aforementioned PAC Screenworkshops.

(Download Jeremy's professional Résumé)
(Download Jeremy's acting Résumé)

Jeremy and Dominica have a combined sixteen years of experience in Web design and have continually moved with the ages to increase their skillsets.

Jeremy and Dominica married on April 8th, 2006